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ECU Remap | Dealer Opportunity | Cornwall | Chip Tuning | Engine
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Date Added: 05/12/2012
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City : Plymouth


Country : United Kingdom

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ECU Remap | Dealer Opportunity | Cornwall | Chip Tuning | Engine - Plymouth, CORNWALL, United Kingdom
The Quantum Tuning Dealer
When you become a Quantum Dealer you will enjoy:
  • Excellent Profits
  • Very low start-up costs
  • Full training & support
  • No franchise fees
  • No management fees
Support Package
We pride ourselves on providing an unbeatable package of service and support to help grow your success.
  • Full training given
  • Full technical support
  • Dealer intranet QFiles
  • Custom dealer website
  • Sales leads
  • Free P.O.S. & Leaflets, posters, etc.
Low Set-Up Costs
  • We offer the lowest entry cost into the remapping industry, with a one-off set-up fee of just £495+VAT and that includes the supply of the latest Alientech KESSv2 remapping tool on a permanent loan AND your first 6 vehicle maps.
  • Thereafter you pay just £295+VAT a month for 6 files and any unused files rollover to the next month, You need to provide a basic laptop and an Internet connection.
The Quantum ReMap™ Opportunity
This could be quite simply the most profitable area of your business:
  • Typically less than 30 minutes per vehicle
  • Sell at £200-£300 per vehicle
  • Cost is less than £50 per vehicle
Become a Quantum Tuning Dealer
  • The time is right to become part of the Quantum Tuning dealer network and introduce quality remapping into your business, with the lowest entry cost into the industry at just £495 plus VAT and that now includes your first 6 vehicles.
  • Our dealers enjoy the lowest cost per vehicle in the business at less than £50 a time, with 100% support from one of the most experienced file tuning teams out there.
  • Dealers who join us are fully trained to provide the service to our highest standards and we only look for experienced motor trade professionals to join our team. If you need to expand your skill set and learn new processes, further training is free-of-charge.
  • By becoming a Quantum dealer you give yourself the best chance of becoming successful in the remapping business, safe in the knowledge that our team are there to support you for the entire journey.
Dealer File Bundles
Our file bundle plans are simple, easy to understand, with no hidden surprises.

The Dealer Plan
  • Make a monthly payment of just £295 and that includes 6 vehicle tuning files, which if not used carry forward to the next month.
  • A further monthly payment of £50 is due for software support and subscriptions on the KessV2 tool.
Need More Files?
Simply re-charge your files account with a Bolt-on, the more you buy the cheaper they are.
  • 6 files are £295
  • That’s = £49.16 each
  • 14 files are £595
  • That’s £42.50 each
  • 25 files are £995
That’s £39.80 each.
As with the monthly dealer plan, the unused balance of any files do roll forward, giving your tuning business greater flexibility to expand with controlled costs.

All files plans are payable monthly by Direct Debit with up to 45 days free credit.

DPF Removal
We are at the forefront of providing software for DPF removal on supported vehicles - this can be a valuable income stream and is included in your tuning file cost.

EGR Delete
The file cost includes EGR delete on supported vehicles.

Speed Limiter Bonus
The file cost includes speed limiter removal on supported vehicles. 

All prices plus VAT The Files Service
  • This is the absolute core of our business, with quality and service standards second to none - which is why so many top tuning businesses worldwide use us for their tuning files.
  • Unlike most competitors, we have a team of file writers, so you are not reliant on just one person.
  • Our files team is targeted to turn a file round in an average of 10-15 minutes and we operate extended hours.
  • We only supply remap files that we have written ourselves, to our exacting standards. Different versions of the file are available to suit your customers’ needs; whether it’s maximum fuel economy, or outright power and performance or a blend of the best of both.
Our new ‘Fleet’ tuning option gives our dealer an unbeatable edge in the valuable fleet market  

Performing a Remap
  • As a trade professional, you will already be confident to connect equipment to the diagnostic socket.
  • The KessV2 is a sophisticated protocol tool that plugs into the socket and then connects to a laptop in order to modify the vehicle.
  • The process is straightforward and controlled, with the software guiding you the whole way through, firstly the initial vehicle identification then onto reading the ECU file.
  • This file is sent to our Files Office who will make the modifications and return the file to you to be written on the vehicle. Typical hands on time is less than 30 minutes.
  • To find out more visit Quantum Tuning Youtube Channel, where you will find a range of training video showing a everything from straightforward OBD remap to a more complex bench job.
White Label File Service
  • Joining the Quantum Tuning dealer group is good for your business, but this might not suit everyone, so we can supply you on a confidential basis, completely transparent to your customer base.
  • This is something we currently do for dozens of well known companies around UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • You still get the benefits of our technical support and free training. If you are in an area not covered by an existing dealer, you will also receive customer leads.
  • We can also supply files on a white label basis to in areas where we already have an established dealer. All the benefits of a quality files with great service, but you cant go public with the Quantum brand, or receive leads.
The Opportunity?
  • We give you the tools, training and support to provide a high quality, professional remapping plus DPF removal service and EGR delete on a range of over 6,000 different cars, vans, truck and tractors from 2001 onwards. Turbo diesels are the most popular for remapping. In addition, we remap normally aspirated petrol, turbo-petrol, specialist sports and super-cars.
  • The standard KessV2 covers virtually every need, except for the very latest Bosch EDC17 ECU’s, which requires an upgrade to a Tricore boot-mode kit for an additional fee. If you want to specialise in trucks or tractors, we can offer further upgrades.
  • The recent introduction of the Alientech KTag tool has greatly increased the range of tuneable vehicles, including Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mazda’s.
  • Dealers who want to expand into bench programming with the Ktag or Tricore kit can receive further training, free-of-charge.
Appointment Criteria
  • Here at Quantum Tuning, we don’t just take on dealers to make the numbers up, we want both of us to be mutually successful in the remapping business.
  • Where many of our competitors make substantial income from charging excessive up-front dealer or franchise fees, with us its entirely the opposite; we make an investment in your long term success.
  • Therefore, we only want to appoint companies and individuals from the motor trade, who see that they can be successful in the business and work with us to build the Quantum brand.
Lead Generation System
  • We try very hard to generate leads for our dealers, some have a few a year, some get a few a week, its an area we look to continuously improve. Unlike other dealer groups who like to cherry pick the cream jobs, as a policy we always try to fulfil leads through the nearest qualified and equipped dealer.
  • We also will not bypass our dealer group in order to work on fleet deals for our own direct benefit, any fleet orders that we generate will always include the nearest dealers.
Own Your Own Tool?
  • If you already have your own tool, or wish to buy your new tool outright, then that’s no problem, you can still join the Quantum dealer group and buy file bolt-on’s.
  • If you have a master tool and purchase files from a number of suppliers, we simply ask you to play fair and use our files if you are following up a lead from us.
Buying Decisions
  • Every day of the week we get unrealistic enquires from people who want to make massive investment in tooling, expecting to take on the world; or individuals who want to write their own files but have never even tuned a vehicle before.
  • We will happily sell you the equipment if you really know what you want, but if you wish to be guided and helped then we will point you in the right direction, We will never try to sell you anything that you don’t need
About Quantum Tuning
  • Quantum Tuning is a small company, although bigger than virtually all of our competitors. We have built our great team around a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, which is the key to our success.
  • We're big enough to have an infrastructure to properly support our dealer group, but small enough to remove politics or unnecessary bureaucracy that would simply get in the way of what is the focus of our business, providing quality tuning files, backed up by a quality service.
  • We are passionate about our business, we love what we do and always look to continuously improve and therefore help our dealers grow with us.

Making Service Count
The most common reason existing tuners transfer their business to us is poor service and lack of support. We know we are good at what we do, but ultimately we also know that we are measured by our dealers and their customers on every job.

  • Technical support, help and assistance is available during file supply opening hours, free of charge.
  • We keep it honest, if we make a mistake we won't hide from you. Our ISO 9000 designed quality system means that we set ourselves the highest standards and will always listen and act positively to correct any problems or concerns.
Competitor Policy
  • A key policy we have is to never discredit a competitor. The fact that we know toe curling things about some of them is not relevant. What they chose to do or say within their business is none of our business, so we let them get on with it. We insist that our dealer group observe this policy too.
Other Tuners Figures Are Better?
  • You will often find that other tuners quoted higher figures and the reality is that more often than not they are simply made up, to blinker customers into thinking that their mapping is better.
  • For instance, we have one well known competitor who is 10% higher than us on every vehicle. So, are they 10% better? No, the reality that they can use a spreadsheet! Its about the quality of the drive, not just the figures.
The Quantum Tuning Safety Net
  • We give you the tools, training, support and marketing to be successful in the remapping business and we would like to hope that you will be with us for the long-term.
  • But, what if it doesn’t sell in your business, or if your circumstances change?
  • With Quantum Tuning you are not committed to any long-term, onerous contract or crippling lease agreements. If for any reason you wish to end your dealership, then you can do so anytime, with just one month’s notice and return your loan tool to us.
  • Unused files are not credited. If you own your slave tool with us and ever wish to transfer file supplier, then provided your account is clear, unlike other suppliers, will will always transfer the slave to a Master holder of your choice, subject to any Alientech fees.
Training Courses We have an huge amount of technical experience and expertise and have used this to build a suite of training courses to support our dealer training and development program. Training courses are also available to independent tuners. Courses include:
  • Basic OBD Programming
  • Advanced Bench Programming
  • Advanced K-Tag Programming
  • Chip Tuning

Courses are FREE OF CHARGE to our dealers.  

Tuning Tools

  • Quantum Tuning is your first source for tuning tools and remapping software and we ship worldwide.
  • We sell only the best ECU Tuning Tools and ECU Remapping Software made by Alientech and here, at Quantum Tuning, we sell all of these online. Please visit our Alientech sales site for your one-stop-shop for all your professional tuning needs.
  • Alientech products are of the highest quality and are known throughout the tuning and remapping industry worldwide for being an excellent and most reliable tuning brand.
  • Quantum Tuning’s innovative dealer plans are the first choice for file supply either as a full dealer, or as a white label product. If you write your own files, then the range of Alientech products on offer also include master tools.
For more information please visit our site:
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